As one of the very first yoga centres on Costa del Sol, Molino del Rey quite simply has to be the most matured & still the best yoga retreat in Spain.


Classical yoga and meditation with Bjarke (english)

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28 Jul.

Classical yoga and meditation with Bjarke (english)

28 July, 2019 - 3 August, 2019

Welcome to a Holiday with Classical Yoga & Meditation

The Teaching

Bjarke gives you refills and inspiration through 2 sessions of classical yoga and meditation lessons: 2 hours in the morning before the breakfast buffet and 2 hours in the afternoon before the evening buffet.

The morning session consists of dynamic physical yoga, such as the Sunya Namaskara, invigorating exercises, balance and stretching poses in addition to the breathing techniques Bhastrika and Nadi shodan. The session ends with 15 min. Savasana or a longer lasting Yoga Nidra, guided deep relaxation.

The afternoon session consists of more Classical, meditative poses in addition to Nadi shodan. The session ends with the meditation Inner Silence.

Who can join? The course is for anyone with an interest in yoga and meditation – preferably with a desire to learn more. You don’t have to be particularly agile or well trained.

The Resort has a beautiful large yoga room (100 m2) with everything we need for doing yoga and meditation. The room is carved into the mountains with floor-to-ceiling windows, views across the valley, and a door allowing you to enter further into the inner stillness of the caves. These caves serve as natural air conditioning during the hot summer months here on the Costa del Sol in Spain.

Some of the days we will have some more arrangements such as evening lectures on breathing techniques, a joint excursion or something else.

The Food

The vegetarian buffet served twice a day is varied and tasty. The breakfast buffet is served at 10 am after the morning yoga and consists of coffee/tea, a selection of fruits, muesli, super good oatmeal, eggs from their own hens served in many ways, bread, Spanish cheeses, jams etc. The evening buffet is served at 6.30 pm after the afternoon yoga and has several delicious dishes and dessert. In the middle of the day, food will be set up, which you have the opportunity to supply yourself, and there is access to simple snacks. No alcohol is included in the price.

Accommodation at Molino del Rey

You will stay in a nice double room with a bath together with one of the same sex. Single rooms can be booked at an additional cost. The Kings suite has a double bed and is best suited for a couple or friends who know each other well. It has a beautiful glass porch/conservatory and satellite TV / DVD. All rooms have their own special atmosphere – see the pictures above.

Leisure time

You can spend the day the way you want. There are nice walks in the nature reserve around Molino del Rey, you can explore the area and the nearby villages including beautiful Ronda and charming Alozaina. You can also use some of the Resort’s facilities, such as massage, reiki, pool or sauna.

How to get to Molino del Rey

Fly to Malaga airport. About an hour’s drive from the airport is the Molino del Rey Resort. It is recommended to rent a car, it is cheaper than taking a taxi and in addition, you have the opportunity to explore the area. If you are out in good time by booking an airline ticket and also sharing a car with some of the other participants, the transport costs can be about 200 €.

The Teacher

bjarkeBjarke Jorgensen is Danish and was born in 1954. After a 3-month Course in 1976 he joined the yoga teacher education by Swami Janakananda in search of combining an active, creative life with spiritual qualities. After 7 years of 24/7 Ashram life and intense Sadhana in Copenhagen, Aarhus, and Oslo he founded the Yoga School in Bergen, Norway in 1983. Bjarke has been teaching Classical Yoga for more than 40 years, the last 34 years also the advanced tantric meditations, Antar Mauna and Ajapa Japa. His creativity has also been put into painting, computer graphics, web design, building traditional Norwegian timber-houses etc. He loves to explore new hiking routes in the Norwegian mountains and abroad.


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